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How to Apply

Start you journey to success by applying for admission to San Juan College today!

Step 1: Identify your Admission Type

Learn your admission type in order to create your online admissions account.

  • First-time Freshman: You will be a first-time freshman if you have never attended college before, are applying after completing high school or GED, or all your college credits were earned prior to your high school graduation or equivalent.
  • Dual Credit: You will be a dual credit student if you are a New Mexico resident still in high school or home school and want to take college-level courses at San Juan College. In addition to submitting an SJC application, all dual credit students must submit the High School Admission to San Juan College form.
  • Early Admit: You are an early admit student if you are a high school student taking classes at San Juan College who lives out of state or are homeschooled. In addition to submitting an SJC application, all early admit students must submit the High School Admission to San Juan College form.
  • Transfer Student: You are a transfer student if you have taken any college-level coursework at an accredited college.
  • Returning Student: You are a returning student if you previously attended San Juan College but have not enrolled in courses for one year or more.
  • Non-Degree: You are a non-degree student if you want to take college classes but will not be pursuing a degree or certificate at San Juan College.

Step 2: Create an Admissions Account

Creating an admissions account will allow you to log in, create, edit, and submit your application.

Create your admissions account here.

Step 3: Start and Submit your Application

Log into your admissions account and fill out the San Juan College application. For most applicants, you will only have to complete the online form in order to be considered for admission.

San Juan College has a rolling application process, which means we do not have a deadline. The sooner you turn in your application, the sooner you can register for courses. Your application is valid for one year from the date it was submitted to SJC.

Your application will be processed in 1-2 business days. Please note that the process may take a few days longer during peak times.

Begin your application.

Additional Instructions

If you are a Dual Credit or Early Admit student, you must first submit the High School Admissions for San Juan College online form before applying. Please note your high school counselor (or homeschool parent) must also send an unofficial high school transcript to our school.  

If you are an International Student, you may have to submit additional documents depending on your status (Permanent Resident, J-Visa, F-1 Visa, etc.). These documents must be received before your application can be processed. Find a list of necessary documents for international students. View the list of documents for international students. 

If you need assistance with completing the San Juan College application, please contact admissions at (505) 566-3320 or 

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Phone: (505) 566-3320

West Classroom Complex,
Room 1911

M-F 8 a.m - 5 p.m